The Blogging Secrets!

For those who followed me from my recent post in one of the blog engines I would like to repeat what I have commented for the sake of everybody please see below:

This blog has just launched to give others some ideas in how to optimize the traffic on their blogs.

Let me start by introducing myself. By profession I was an engineer but I discovered my passion in writing and reading articles just recently.

I hate the usual 8x5 office job, I resigned and now I devoted my time in blogging and other online business opportunities and making some research for any interesting topics.I am currently on my e-book project and will be sold soon. How to make this kind of business? Interested? I will tell you how in my next posting here.

Aside from blog optimization if you want to know further about internet marketing and internet business tips and know-how I have just created the below link for you:

Anything You Want To Know: knowhowstream

Okay let's get back to the blog optimization topic.I would like to impart tips to everybody especially for those who are new in blogging. Do not be disappointed by expecting instant results on page views! Just participate to the blog communities with your links attached. You must have good ideas, develop your skills in writings, and you must know the type of target viewers.For just in few days one of my blogs ranks on top 5 in the search engine.

The secrets will be published here soon!

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