The Only Secret to be Successful in Blogging


Effective Writing

What are the things to be considered in having an effective writing? This is the question that most of the bloggers really don’t understand. They thought that just having good construction of grammar, spellings, and how you deliver your ideas would be enough. In some ways it helps but not an assurance to influence your readers with your message. We need to break this down and discuss about the qualities of effective writing in order to understand. The readers should get the right thought of what you would like to express and share to them. But how they will get your ideas if they will not read until the end of it? Once they have started to read it, make sure that they are attached to it like they are nailed to your stories. If you do not know how you deliver your ideas properly you will never know about effective writing. So, let’s get started on how you deliver or share your ideas. Ask yourself on how you deliver your ideas without looking on the next paragraph.

Your writing should posses with the following qualities:

1. Simple

2. Proper construction of sentences and use of words

3. Informative

4. Strong

5. Interesting

6. Credible

7. Interactive

8. Humorous

9. Odd or objectionable

Simple: It should be short and straight to the point. Do not make a long rubbish stories. I have read one article and after reading the first paragraph I decided to close down my computer to save energy. If you want to have a long narrative story make sure that it is interesting from beginning until the end. Nail your readers!

Proper construction of sentences and use of words: Correct construction of sentence with proper use of terms and most especially the use of adjectives. We can include here the correct grammar and spellings.

Informative: Make a research about your topic. You should have reference or basis supporting your ideas. Add trivia to it if necessary.

Strong: Must have an impact. It should give influence to readers. Using proper verbs and adverbs are important to make your statement strong. In order to become effective, research might be required to support your statement. It is like you are commanding and dictating with sense.

Interesting: Your topic should be interesting. Here are some topics that found to be interesting like talking about paranormal, unexplained science, jokes, current events, show business, and many more. Be original and exceptional if possible!

Credible: Your blog must be reliable and trustworthy. A research about factual information relevant to your topic is important that can support your write ups.

Interactive: In order for most of the readers understand or can relate to your blog make it more interactive. They should feel you. It should be like you are addressing your message to the readers and think about what they could feel and let yourself answer it like being one of them (readers).

Humorous: Humor is universal entertainment. No wonder most of the articles that I have read they have some jokes or funny remarks. Have you observed a guest speaker addressing a serious topic but in the midst of it he shares funny stories to keep the attention of his audience? Proper timing is important! Sometimes it is not necessary.

Odd or Objectionable: Sometimes if you start a topic with objectionable or odd ideas it could catch the attention of readers but not to the extent to become too personal or attacking other people or a particular individual. You can share your other-way-around ideas but it should have more sense and the readers must be amazed to consider yours. It is like after reading your article they will think and ask themselves why I did not think about that. By doing this you need to keep respectful to everyone and not to offend anybody.


Improving the Concept of Your Blog

When you are planning to improve your blog it means there should be a consistent change. Some fine tunings are very important. Regardless how good your blog is you need to improve it through times. The most important thing if you want to career blogging is do not be contented on your present ideas. Explore new things and areas which require room for enhancement. Research is very important to support your thoughts and also be aware on what you have had experienced and learned that can contribute to make your blog looks better.

Bear in mind that not all changes have positive feedback. There should be guidelines to follow to achieve improvement. After your careful analysis and judgment you feel it will not pass to your standards then better not to publish it than to compromise your masterpiece, your whole idea. You need filtering process based on your guidelines and it would be better if you ask feedback from other people. Remember you cannot please everybody. Do not rely on just 2-3 comments. You can post it to the forum sites and ask for review. Since blog is something with a personal touch at the end of it you have to decide by your own if you want to publish it. A possible need for feedbacks from other people is just for the whole concept of your blog and not every article you post.

You need to categorize the areas that require improvement within your blog. Such areas are those contents within your blog which give strength and can catch the readers’ attention. For example, about your theme it should be relevant as possible to the subject of your articles posted in it.

Setting Your Own Guidelines

Guidelines depend on your goal. Each one of us has different guidelines but at least we have some most likely the same areas for consideration. It will not be elaborated here in further details but the following are the things to be measured in improving your blog:

1. Layout -- columns, positioning of: header, body, gadgets such as widgets, ads, and more add-ons.

2. Themes – Including skins, the designs and colors

3. Articles – The content of the body. Relevance of your ideas to the entire concept of your blog, supporting photos, video-clips, audio file and many more within the body itself.

Remember that it does not necessarily mean that very colorful or exaggerated designs on your blog are the keys to make your blog improved. Sometimes it looks awful to eyes of some individuals. It should be simple as possible and organized. Do not confuse your viewers. You need to find the ways on how you can direct their eyes on the first paragraph of one of your articles posted therein. If before your introduction on your every article you feel boring as you read on then on your succeeding posts you must broaden your imagination and ideas on how to have a good start. The first paragraph of the article is very important. If possible make your readers run their imagination to get curious on what you want to share with them. The first paragraph is the triggering point in which the whole content of your piece relies on it. The readers will decide whether they want to continue reading until the end. Do not forget that selecting a title for your article must draw attention as well.

Have you noticed that many writers like in newspapers add some images to support their piece of writing? This is a good way to catch the attention of the readers and it should be relevant to your story.

Laughter is well said to be the best medicine. I considered this as one of the universal components in entertainment. Most of the blogs are informal type and while you are writing your post you can add up some jokes in it especially if one of your objectives is to entertain your followers. If your blog is in formal type or discuss some serious issues you need to be careful if jokes in the midst of your article are necessary. In exchange to funny remarks for some serious write-ups you must give emphasis and strength in sharing your ideas. Adjectives can draw attention to your readers and choosing the right ones is extremely important. Avoid highfalutin words and if your blog is targeting the public readers then use common words that can be understood by many.

Reading those writings of professional journalists can add up to your idea on how to improve your way of writing.

Improving the Contents of the Article You Post

Layouts, skins, themes, and widgets are the spices to make your blog attractive but the most important thing to be considered is the content of your articles. How you manage your blog from time to time? Before proceeding to further to this topic we should make it clear your purpose of having a blog. Is it just for personal satisfaction or you are aiming to get high traffic and to be recognized in the future?

It is clear that as you proceed on reading this article we must have common understanding that the reason you want to improve your blog is to get known by others and your desire to get high traffic and page rank.

First thing before you choose to career blogging is to understand yourself. Do you really love doing it? Think if you really have the seven-letter word --- P-A-S-S-I-O-N. That is the key to become successful not just in blogging it can be also applied to any fields. The next thing to consider is your skills in writing. Although there is a relation between passion and skills but always bear in mind the word “skills” comes after the word “passion”. You can never have skills if you do not have the heart on that field. Like in writing, once you have the interest on it eventually the level of your skills increases.

Actually the best thing to improve your blog is on how consistent you are in writing and in sharing your ideas and thoughts. To make your blog looks professional you need to develop your passion in researching as well especially if the concept is about writing informative articles.

Tips in Getting High Paying Keywords for Google Adsense

There are lots of high paying keywords available on internet. Hot keywords can be bought from another party but as the saying goes, “the best thing in life is free” so you can still have a chance to improve your web log contents and be sure that you tag those with high paying keywords. Remember that if you use the keyword which is hot with the Adsense advertisers it must be relevant or mentioned on your blog contents.

In order to have an effective Google Adsense you can choose from the categorized listings. There are some keywords with high paying ads such as from $5 to $100 per click. Since there are lots of keywords that can be found using your favorite search engine some of those samples will not be posted here. It is strongly advised to make a search by your own in getting the updated hot keywords.

Bear in mind that you must not sacrifice the good quality of your blog contents just for the hot keywords. The main focus here is to write effectively and efficiently regardless of anything else. It will become senseless and meaningless if you have compromised your contents. The most important thing is how your viewers would think after they close your webpage. Will they come back to you? How interesting is your articles?

The best way to search for the effective Google Adsense keywords must align on you subject matter for every posting. There are blogs that get higher traffic than blogs which do not have good traffic but earn much better from Google Adsense. To gain recognition you need to follow your passion like what are your interests. For example if you have found out that the keywords, “secrets in blogging” have higher profitability and other keywords associated with said keywords but you do not have passion about that particular topics then it would be better to earn just few bucks but with high traffic because you keep your blog interesting to read. Sooner this high traffic blogs will be the key to earn from page impressions and of course the chance of getting your Google Adsense to be clicked by your viewers will be higher than your blog which you have created out of your experimentation that does not drive your passion.

Good luck and happy blogging. Remember, your passion is your treasure so make the full use of it!

How To Make Interesting Topics for My Articles?

Depending on your mood you can create your interesting subjects for your articles. Do not think that it is hard to create one. You need to start it and plan what would you like to share for the benefit of the readers. You can never go wrong if you could support your articles through your research. Nowadays there are lots of ways to support what you write. You can open books such as encyclopedia, dictionaries, newspapers, and of course the internet. First, you need to think about what interest you. Do not think of topic of discussion that you may think that most of the people talk about but you do not have the passion to write about that thing. Make an outline if you feel if it is needed and make it organized by putting some sub-topics. Here are some tips for you in creating a good article:
1. Think about something that you are interested to impart to others.
2. Qualify your topic. What would be the good thing that a reader could get out of my topic?
3. Do not write because you are forced to write. It would be better not to if you do not feel comfortable to write at that moment.
4. Make a draft of your articles. You can use the open-source document format or the MSWord file in order to check your grammar and spellings. If you are unsure about the spelling you may take softcopy or hardcopy of dictionaries that will serve as your reference. Check the definition if you have doubts about the meaning of the terms you use on your article.
5. Do not just write as I mentioned. Make sure that you are expressing what you really want to share to the readers in a proper way. You do not need those impressive terms. Make your articles as simple as possible. Your objective must be understandable by all types of readers as possible (educated or not so-well educated) otherwise if you just want to share to highly educated readers only.


6.       Check the content of your article paragraph by paragraph. Make sure that the particular paragraph refers to one thought only. Do not worry even if you have made thousands of words content and if you do not feel good about it then do not publish.
7.       Every sentence it should be strong as possible. Depending on your topic, make sure that your credibility as a writer will be established if you taking all your articles seriously.
8.       You should be aligned to your topic. If your article is getting out of your topic you must need to pull it to the subject matter.
9.       Ask yourself about the benefit that the readers could get from your article before you broadcast it. Can the readers be equipped with knowledge right after reading your articles? Have they become different person after getting what you would like to impart to them?
10.       It would be better to be short and simple but full of thoughts and knowledge that they could get from your article than making more articles or very long paragraph but without the right thought. Quality is still best than quantity. Do not just write for the sake of updating your blog content using pinging service.
11.       You must think about any interesting topics that you can discuss over your article.
12.       Seek advice from your true friends or those critics about your blog. Do not be hurt if they criticize it, just improve your writing based on what they advised you. Do not just rely on one or two person. 
13.       Support your articles with some relevant illustrations or photographs.
14.       Beware not to copy any ones’ article. Get some points from other writers but not to the extent that you are copying their ideas. By observing this, you keep yourself from infringing the laws about copyrights. Same as this do not just copy and paste some of the pictures over the internet to support your article. There are lots of free images or buy thousand of images for just almost $10.
15.   It would be better if you can have your own original images using your latest camera in taking some pictures of the subject matter.

13 Secrets in Making a Blog

Many bloggers were asking and wondering why their blogs are not in the search engine lists. This is a common question that we got and how to be on top of the million search list?

Here are the keys to be successful in blogging:

1. You must have great ideas and concepts.
2. You must have the passion in writing about any topics that interest you.
3. You must be consistent and consider blogging as your passion.
4. Support your articles base on facts and actual experiences.
5. Make a research about the topics that you want to share.
6. Make your topic interesting by giving some examples, or links that supports your articles.
7. Make full use of meta-tags or the key words.
8. You must have something like a nick-name or identifier in order for the readers and follower to get easily remember you. Let us say your topic is about “Music” then for example you use the nickname “Fruitcake” as your identifier. Every time the readers remember your nick-name they would type “fruitcake” followed by “music” and then your blog will appear in the top postings from the famous search engines since you are known as “fruitcake” which can easily be remembered and probably about that topic it is quite strange for others to have the same keywords as yours.
9. The next thing to do is create a new design concept with your site. Do not use common template as much as possible if you want to stand-out from other bloggers.
10. Your blogs should encourage the readers to post comment or make your blogs as blog-hub as possible. Let others post on your blog in order for others to be known as well. Make a free advertisement to other bloggers by letting others to have their own signature links after their comments or post on your blog.
11. It would be better if you can have some pictures taken then upload it. The photos should be relevant to your blog and must be eye-catching illustrations.
12. Buy your own URL name and the name should be relevant with your articles.
13. Make search for other blogging tips and how to optimize the search engine so that you will be in the top search lists.

Blog Optimization Challenge!

Post your challenge here! Anything you want to achieve or to get yourself engaged into a competition with other fellow bloggers. Any ideas to create a challenge in order to raise our standing in the search lists! This challenge is not directly compete in the search listings since we have different concepts.

I will explain this further on my next post.
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