Effective Writing

What are the things to be considered in having an effective writing? This is the question that most of the bloggers really don’t understand. They thought that just having good construction of grammar, spellings, and how you deliver your ideas would be enough. In some ways it helps but not an assurance to influence your readers with your message. We need to break this down and discuss about the qualities of effective writing in order to understand. The readers should get the right thought of what you would like to express and share to them. But how they will get your ideas if they will not read until the end of it? Once they have started to read it, make sure that they are attached to it like they are nailed to your stories. If you do not know how you deliver your ideas properly you will never know about effective writing. So, let’s get started on how you deliver or share your ideas. Ask yourself on how you deliver your ideas without looking on the next paragraph.

Your writing should posses with the following qualities:

1. Simple

2. Proper construction of sentences and use of words

3. Informative

4. Strong

5. Interesting

6. Credible

7. Interactive

8. Humorous

9. Odd or objectionable

Simple: It should be short and straight to the point. Do not make a long rubbish stories. I have read one article and after reading the first paragraph I decided to close down my computer to save energy. If you want to have a long narrative story make sure that it is interesting from beginning until the end. Nail your readers!

Proper construction of sentences and use of words: Correct construction of sentence with proper use of terms and most especially the use of adjectives. We can include here the correct grammar and spellings.

Informative: Make a research about your topic. You should have reference or basis supporting your ideas. Add trivia to it if necessary.

Strong: Must have an impact. It should give influence to readers. Using proper verbs and adverbs are important to make your statement strong. In order to become effective, research might be required to support your statement. It is like you are commanding and dictating with sense.

Interesting: Your topic should be interesting. Here are some topics that found to be interesting like talking about paranormal, unexplained science, jokes, current events, show business, and many more. Be original and exceptional if possible!

Credible: Your blog must be reliable and trustworthy. A research about factual information relevant to your topic is important that can support your write ups.

Interactive: In order for most of the readers understand or can relate to your blog make it more interactive. They should feel you. It should be like you are addressing your message to the readers and think about what they could feel and let yourself answer it like being one of them (readers).

Humorous: Humor is universal entertainment. No wonder most of the articles that I have read they have some jokes or funny remarks. Have you observed a guest speaker addressing a serious topic but in the midst of it he shares funny stories to keep the attention of his audience? Proper timing is important! Sometimes it is not necessary.

Odd or Objectionable: Sometimes if you start a topic with objectionable or odd ideas it could catch the attention of readers but not to the extent to become too personal or attacking other people or a particular individual. You can share your other-way-around ideas but it should have more sense and the readers must be amazed to consider yours. It is like after reading your article they will think and ask themselves why I did not think about that. By doing this you need to keep respectful to everyone and not to offend anybody.

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